Live Traffic network is the culmination of a phenomenon taking shape with TE's over the last 12 months...

No longer are they just mindless viewers flipping through reams of sites and clicking, today's modern traffic networks are vibrant social networking sites with active surfers chatting with one another as they view your web sites and splash pages.

Every new innovation has been added to Live Traffic Network giving you access to the new breed of users, via twitter and facebook integration and the new viral social chat program.

Yes even the new idea of surf chat has been completely revamped no longer confined to the people surfing live traffic network you can now talk and connect with surfers on 100's of other traffic networks across the net. Making Live Traffic network the centre of the Traffic universe

The result: Free High Quality traffic Viewers to your website

It is much more than just getting hits to your site...If you reckon this sounds good to you (and it really is), we would be happy to give you a free Live Traffic network membership so you can see for yourself how superior this new breed of traffic network really is

Results are very important for us and we want other LTN members to Tweet your sites. Comment on your profiles. Network in the system. And build your personal brand.